Marque II International Media & Events is a truly international team of event professionals with a single-minded focus to create the most memorable, targeted and inspirational lifestyle events in the market. Over more than 20 years, the executive team behind Marque II Media has operated in the automotive, motorsport, classic car and luxury markets and have created some of the most successful and inspiring B2C and B2B events around the World.

Our philosophy centres on community. At a time when we have never been more connected by devices, social media and the 24-hour news cycle, we have never been further apart. Marque II Media seeks to bring communities of consumers and brands together to celebrate their passions, strengthen their common bonds and start meaningful conversations. We acknowledge that key to community is story-telling and shared experience, and when brands come together in an environment which encourages these elements, everyone wins.

Marque II Media is uniquely positioned to bring your brands alive because we too are enthusiasts. We live the lives we promote and we do so with pride, passion and authenticity.